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Is Self-Doubt, Anxiety, fear, and Worry about the Future Keeping You Up At night?
The ONE THING Solopreneurs and Creators Need to Know to Thrive in the New Economy...
here's the deal
The World is Rapidly Changing. That's Pretty Clear. 
Some might say for the worst. 

Now, more than ever, it is hard to stay motivated. 

You've lost your sense of balance, optimism, and focus. 

You might be asking yourself: 

"How do I thrive when I can barely survive mentally?

"How can I be my 'best self' when I feel so anxious and worried?"

"How can I shift from fear and create my reality?"

In times of distress, fear, and general despair, there’s ONE thing that your customers, team, and families need more than ever before:

Your emotional stability.

Your stable presence, optimism, and certainty will make the difference between your business flourishing or floundering. 

Because when YOU are emotionally stable, you can confidently serve your market in ANY season, no matter what.
Does this sound like you?
As a high achiever, aspiring entrepreneur, or leader, you know you want to take advantage of this new creator economy. 

But life has gotten more and more challenging, and you're tired.

You have lost the passion, drive, and focus.

You lack consistency.

You are afraid of showing up and being seen.  

You might struggle with negative thoughts or despair about the future. 

You want to learn how to navigate the emotional roller coaster that can arise from doubt, analysis paralysis, fear, or uncertainty.   
The ONE skill you were never taught, is now cRITICAL in Today's World. 
Emotional intelligence, or what some deem “soft” skills, is needed now more than EVER before. 

But it's hard to show up, day after day. 

Things are becoming hard to manage and negativity bombards you at every turn.  

LinkedIn has said emotional intelligence is one of the top #5 skills companies need MOST in 2020. 

It has even outranked time management

But most entrepreneurs have no idea how to regulate their emotions. 

And as a result, you dim your light, struggle with self-doubt, limit your income, and even your relationships suffer.  
It's Not Your Fault. 
Emotional stability is hard to gain, especially if you struggle with self-doubt and imposter syndrome. 

From a very young age, society discourages us from understanding our own emotions, so emotional regulation is a foreign concept. 

Entrepreneurs and high achievers especially, are often taught that it's good to put emotions aside and simply work harder.  

You may have been taught to "disconnect" from your emotions. 

This has left you feeling:

-and maybe even ready to give up on your dreams. 

It's not until things become almost unbearable that most decide to seek help.  
Emotional Stability can't be THAT Important though, right?
Let's look at the facts. Harvard conducted a study that determined a person's professional success depends 15% on technical or "hard" skills, and a whopping 85% on "soft" skills. 

With stats like that, can you really afford to NOT invest in your emotional awareness and regulation skills? 

there is a solution!
Thankfully, YOU Can Skyrocket Your Emotional Stability and Inner Peace, Even Now...
The concept of emotional intelligence, to manage relationships and regulate your nervous system isn't new.

But what most experts don't tell you, is how important it is to your professional and personal success, especially as an entrepreneur.

Having high emotional intelligence gives you the confidence, and unshakable self-esteem that is required to succeed in business and in your relationships

Success is all about relationships. 

And if we're being honest, most DON'T prioritize, or even know how to do this.

Even though this ONE skill is such a high predictor of success.

Many people believe you’re either born with it or not – but that's a huge myth!  

You just need the right resources, packaged in a way that’s easily digestible, actionable, and practical

You don’t have to shoot in the dark and just take a stab at this. 

You don’t have to have a master’s degree in human behavior, have read thousands of personal development books, or spent years in therapy to become emotionally stable, resilient, and a positive influence in the world.

The Silent Struggle of Entrepreneurs
Does your confidence in your ability to create an amazing business go from: "This is amazing!" to "Who am I to do this?" in just a matter of weeks, or even days? 

Have you struggled with impostor syndrome, self-doubt, or analysis paralysis, and need to get over yourself, but aren’t sure how?

Does the idea of thriving in life and business excite you, but at the same time, scare the crap out of you? 

And no matter HOW many hours you put in, or how hard you work, grind, and hustle, you can't seem to get out of your own way? 

On top of all that, is it hard to focus in times of fear and uncertainty, and still find a way to be consistent and show up each day? 

Does your emotional state seem to run the state of your business?

Do your emotions seem to rise and fall with the masses? 

Can you relate to the phrase, “heavy is the head that wears the crown”?

If so, you are NOT alone!
This is exactly where I was five years ago. 

No matter how many books I bought, no matter how much therapy, or even how many different concepts I googled, I couldn’t crack the code on how to overcome that fear, doubt, uncertainty. I thought the solution was more achievements.

But what I REALLY wanted was more emotional stability, self-love, and belief in myself and my value. I knew I had some talents, but I wasn't clear.

How did that manifest in my life? 

I was often confused on which direction to go. 

I didn't know myself, and since I didn't know who I was, I couldn't live with congruence and integrity, so I began settling for less. 

I was selling myself short in practically all areas of life. 

As a result, I was going nowhere, fast. 

With no clear identity, my relationships  suffered, and I felt incredibly unfulfilled. 

I longed for more meaning and purpose, but kept my dreams tucked far away, under the false protection of being "reasonable and logical."

I never thought I'd be empowered enough to pursue my vision to have the life I wanted, or be passionate, decisive, and laser-focused like I secretly wanted.

I began to wonder, what was wrong with me? 

Was I ever going to get this “life” thing right?

After trying so many different methods and "solutions", I almost gave up on my dreams altogether. 

From the Desk of Kiara D. Perkins: 

You see, I've been exactly where you are. 

Even though I had degrees in psychology and counseling, as an empath, I often struggled to maintain my emotional stability. 

I wanted to help people, but couldn't figure out how, especially when I could barely help myself. 

My relationships suffered. 

I struggled with inconsistency, self-doubt, and fear of failure...

Until I learned ONE simple concept that changed my life FOREVER. 

About 6 years ago, I learned about self-regulation. 

This is the key to unlocking creativity. 

Once I learned this, I felt so empowered! 

But it went against everything my traditional psychology background had taught me. 

But I had to acknowledge, there was more to success than I originally thought. 

It's not about our backgrounds.

It's not about past trauma. 

It's about releasing the old stories, beliefs, and doctrines that hold us back.

It's about learning how to reclaim our creator-abilities.  

Think about it...

How are there people who once lived in absolute poverty and homelessness, who are now multi-millionaires?

What sets them apart from the average person? 

What do they know that others don't? 

It's not about the hard work. 

There are plenty who work hard. 

It's not about digging through the trenches of past traumas, or even karma from past lives. 

The simple solution?

They found a way to stop doubting and instead, start believing in their dreams more than their past failures. 

How did they stop doubting?

By releasing resistance, building better habits, and having an unstoppable mindset.

In short, taking full responsibility to achieve the vision, rather than "hoping" and "wishing." 

Now, let's face it, releasing resistance and building a better mindset is easier said than done.

So I've created a system to help you do it in less time, with a few simple steps. 

Want to know how you can do it too? Keep reading below...

From the Desk of Kiara D. Perkins

You see, I've been exactly where you are. As an empath, I often struggled to maintain my emotional stability. 

I wanted to help others, but couldn't figure out how. 

Until I learned ONE simple concept that changed my life FOREVER

About 4 years ago, I learned about the Law of Attraction, and discovered Abraham Hicks. While all the information was super helpful, there was one quote that really stood out to me. It was this:

"...someone who can irrationally induce relief will always have outrageous success."

In plain terms, the KEY to your transformation lies in your ability to SOOTHE away emotional resistance to your desires. 

This was so empowering! 

But it went against everything my traditional psychology background had taught me. 

So naturally first, I approached this concept with mild skepticism, but the more I dug into it and examined other successful people's lives, things became crystal clear. 

I had to face it: why are there people who were abused as children, but still went on to thrive later in life? 

How are there people who have once lived in absolute poverty and homelessness, who are now multi-millionaires?

What sets them apart from the average person? 

What do they know that others don't? 

It's not about the hard work. There are plenty who work hard. It's not about digging through the trenches of past traumas, or even karma from past lives. 

The simple solution is this: they found a way to stop doubting and instead, start believing in their dreams, and then took full responsibility to achieve them.

How did they stop doubting?

By releasing resistance. 

That process of releasing resistance is all it takes. That's what allows everything else to flow...your creativity, your passions, inspiration, and eventually the manifestations. 

So the more I studied how to release resistance, I began to learn that not only would taking radical responsibility for soothing my resistance shift my ENTIRE life, but that I could do it, in ANY season. 

Want to know how you can do it too? Keep reading below...

Just Imagine...
Imagine if you could consistently believe in yourself and know your worth?

How would your life be different, if you were able to easily move through negative emotions?

Imagine what life would be like if you had genuine connections and better relationships? 

What would that look like for you?

What would that mean for your family? 

For your career? 

Would you finally have the courage to show up and live your purpose? 

Would you stop settling for stress, despair, and anxiety?

Would you finally end the cycle of self-sabotage, analysis paralysis, and limitations? 

How would life be different if you KNEW your worth, rather than let someone else dictate your value?

How would it feel to be able to actually set a positive example for your community, so they actually believe in themselves too? 
best of all...
No matter what the world may look like around us, and no matter what may have happened in the past, there IS a way to transform and create your life to be the way YOU want it to be. 

You just need the right tools.  
focus on your vision with optimism
You have unique gifts to share with the world. Don't let fear, confusion, or uncertainty stamp out your light. When you know your strengths and own your identity, then you will shine as you pursue your passions. Also, when you show up as your best self, you become a powerful leader and give others permission to do the same. 
Unshakable Confidence and Conviction
With the right tools and understanding of your true identity and power, you will learn how to tap into your well of confidence, clarity, and conviction. As a result, you will become a magnetic leader, and you'll feel clear-minded and decisive no matter what is going on around you. Defeats, disappointments, and distractions will become a thing of the past. 
But Wait, there's even more
You Can Get these results without.....
  • Wasting years in intense therapy, digging through past traumas only to feel worse than ever before
  • Spending a small fortune on personal development courses, books and seminars
  • Sacrificing yourself, your purpose, or your values
  • ​Living in a cave!
Emotional Mastery for Entrepreneurs
The ONLY Resource You Need to QUICKLY Master Your Emotional State, Eliminate Negative Thinking, and Transform Your Relationships to Increase Your Impact and Income!

 Simple 3-step process to release resistance
 personal transformation in 30 days
improve your relationships
learn self- regulation
Benefits and features in the course
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Unstuck 
Forget wasting time and mounting frustrations due to chaotic thoughts and moods. 

This guide is for solopreneurs and creators who want to learn emotional mastery, self-regulation, and how to strengthen relationships.

As a result, you will:
  • Release the resistance, blocks, and limitations surrounding the dreams you desire MOST, so you can finally let them in! (Hint: it has nothing to do with "hard work"!) 
  • Get clear on your TRUE identity, so you can align your purpose with your personality (and drop the self-doubt for good!)
  • Understand how to become laser-focused on your vision WITHOUT losing your family in the process (if anything, this will actually IMPROVE your relationships!)
  • Align with your strengths, to live YOUR most joyous life (stop settling and compromising for a life you don’t really want)
  • Jump-start your day to maintain the best mood possible (no matter WHAT’s going on around you!) 
  • Develop your mindset to shift from general pessimism to general optimism (even if you’ve struggled with pessimism in the past!)
  • Transform your identity without needing to deconstruct who you are now (embrace ALL facets of yourself, and integrate them into your total self!)
  • Cultivate healthy self-esteem so you no longer struggle with impostor syndrome! (This is the key to what makes affirmations work for YOU!)
your future will thank you...
Here's Why.
You have struggled long enough. 

Self-development is no longer optional. 

Rather than getting easier, without these tools, life will become more difficult. 

I want you to become a success so you can help improve society in the unique way you are meant to.

To achieve this goal, I want to make this offer a no-brainer. 

This course is available for only $100. 

Your relationships, and your future, will thank you for it. 
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
I want you to be 100% SATISFIED.
But if you aren't, I got you covered
I guarantee that you'll love this eBook, but if you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support for ANY reason, I will offer you a full refund, no questions asked. 

Plus, you get to keep the book and bonuses regardless.

That's right. Since this is an eBook, you don't even have to send anything back. Just email me for your refund.
that's not all...
With your purchase today, you'll also get these awesome bonuses for FREE! They will kick-start your success and make it even easier for you to gain clarity on your strengths, empower yourself, and release resistance so you can move forward in life!
Quick Scripts rx
Just what the Doctor ordered! This pocket guide for immediate emotional relief offers quick statements to help you pivot, release resistance, and pave the way for transformation. Think of these short, quick statements like a shot of espresso when you start to feel the "dip" in confidence, inspiration, or personal power. 
3 Steps to getting what you want
This resource is a simple 3-step process to help you release resistance to what you want. If you already know what you DON'T want, you're more than halfway there. This guide will help you get the rest of the way, in the easiest way possible. 
Positive Tuning checklist
This amazing checklist is worth its weight in gold. It will equip you with all the tips and techniques to maintain a great mood, all day long! Feeling a dip in your mood? Break out the checklist and re-calibrate to your center for more stability, ease, and joy. 

This resource is a simple 3-step process to help you release resistance to what you want. If you already know what you DON'T want, you're more than halfway there. This guide will help you get the rest of the way, in the easiest way possible. 
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Unstuck Bundle

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Unstuck Bundle

A Nuts-to-Bolts Guide to Become Laser-Focused, reduce resistance, and Pursue Your Goals with clarity, confidence, and conviction
Getting Unstuck eBook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $97)

Plus these FREE bonuses!

3 Step Guide to Getting What You Want . . .(Value $47)

Quick Scripts Rx for Immediate Relief . . . . . .(Value $47)

Positive Tuning Checklist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $47)

You've waited long enough. 

Now's the time to step into your power!
Many will hear the call but few are chosen. When the time comes for YOU to step up, will you cower away because of fear, self-doubt, or analysis paralysis? 

Or will you rise up, own your strengths, and share them with the world?
you asked...
Here are some frequently asked questions. Have a question you don't see answered here? Just ask! 

How fast can I expect to see results? 

The tools and techniques described in the eBook and additional bonuses are designed to begin working IMMEDIATELY. Think of it as a shortcut to reaching the emotional state you prefer. You will feel an improved mood within MINUTES, not months or years. Full transformation will occur around the 30 day mark, with consistency and diligent, practical application.

The book is a bit over 50 pages, so it will likely be able to be consumed in one sitting. But rather than a leisure novel, it's meant to be more of a resource. With so many “gems,” it will surely become a guide you’ll want to reference again and again on your journey.
I’ve already tried therapy and had a terrible experience. Will this still work for me? 

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Unstuck is meant for aspiring entrepreneurs and high achievers who are empaths or HSP's and looking to reduce resistance and overcome mental and emotional blocks so they can allow their dreams with ease, rather than hustle, stress, and burnout. If you are suffering from mental health conditions such as depression or severe anxiety, please seek professional care. Having said that, although these tools and concepts aren't meant to be a replacement for traditional therapy, they can be a great supplement.
Is there a community I can join?

Absolutely! The Positive Scripting Society is our FREE group on Facebook. In this group, we dive into the practical application of many principles you will learn in the eBook and beyond. When you purchase the Getting Unstuck Bundle, you'll automatically be added to our email list where you'll be given the link. Once you are in, you can expect FREE monthly workshops, live Q&A's, ongoing support, and share successes, advice, and encouragement with new high achiever friends! Occasionally, I will also extend exclusive offers for higher-end coaching programs if you'd like more personalized assistance.
I prefer live coaching. do you have a program?
I sure do! I currently have two options available: a group coaching program, and 1-on-1. If you'd like a free breakthrough consultation to see which you'd prefer, or for more personalized assistance click here, or email me at for a FREE consultation. 
Now is your time to shine!
Listen, if you’re anything like most people, you like to feel good. 

You know somewhere deep down, that life is supposed to be far MORE enjoyable and far LESS chaotic and stressful than it has been. You know you’ve got talents and gifts, and MOST importantly, you know that you are truly meant to be in love with your life! 

So what’s stopping you? 

I know how crippling things may sometimes seem. Especially when times are uncertain and doubts and fears seem to loom around every corner.

But I know within each of us, there’s a powerful, unique being who is resilient, stable, and empowered to fulfill their greatest potential. 

This version of you is ready, just waiting to be uncovered. 

I know that now, more than ever is the time to show yourself that you are capable of embracing that courage to tap into your unique potential and share your gifts with the world - whatever they may be! 

You deserve a complete transformation - to FINALLY let go of the baggage, doubts, and limitations and allow your dreams to be realized.
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Unstuck
Getting Unstuck eBook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $97)

Plus these FREE bonuses!

3 Step Guide to Getting What You Want . . .(Value $47)

Quick Scripts Rx for Immediate Relief . . . . . .(Value $47)

Positive Tuning Checklist. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $47)
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